diagonal granny scarf/afghan


Perigrines Eyrie

I had a brain wave while thinking of the scarf I wore yesterday. I can make a square starting from the corner, right? So can I make a rectangle?

I tried it. Yep I can.

Diagonal Corner Started Granny Rectangle

form ring in preferred manner, either chain N and join, or the magic ring methods. (N being any number)

ch4 (counts as 1dc and ch1) 3dc, ch1, 1dc in ring. [turn at the end of each row, now and throughout]

ch4, 3dc in ch1sp, [3dc, ch1, 1dc] in last space.

ch4, 3dc in ch1sp, 3dc in next N sp/s [3dc, ch1, 1dc] in last space.

continue for as wide as you want your work. Scarf = 6 inches, pram blanket = 18 inches, etc.

‘straight’ rows

part 1 – ch4, 3dc in ch1sp, 3dc in next N sp/s, 1dc in last sp.

part 2 – ch3, skip 1st sp…

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