pooʇsɹəpunsıɯ sɐʍ ı

I was very sad when my love one commented ‘Believe can liao dun get superstitious’
To have such comment from a friend I still can take it. But from someone so close, it breaks my heart. Was all the time spending knowing one another wasted?

1. Was I ever one?
If fully believe what the bible said is true is classifies as ‘superstitious’, then I am. Other then that you wouldn’t catch me crazy over anything for more then 3mth.
How can I be one if I didn’t attend church for more than 10years! This already show I don’t follow blindly. I use my heart and also my mind.

2. Even I think those worship of religions seems meaningless for me; did I ever mock at the ppl doing it? I usually respect other ppl decision. Only when ask then I will voice my opinion. Also then I will not mock at ppl. I only comment on the actions.

3. Didn’t I always check information given to me?
Does confirming information given also call ‘superstitious’? Then again I am guilty lor.

Do I have to be pretentious even in front of my close ones? Can’t I even share what I believe w/o being condemned?

I used to think different believe is not a problem but now it seems not.

Anyway my wish is all my close ones and my friends will join me in heaven. Simple. If we can continue having fun in heaven why choose to meet in hell? If there is an easy way to go heaven why choose the difficult way?

Or do you believe I wish you harm? Then I am sorry, my frds will not even think of me like that.

To my non Christian frds:
If one day, news shown many billions of ppl in the world suddenly disappeared into thin air: it is rapture. Pls don’t be deceived further in believing aliens took us. Do a search. And accept Jesus’ to preserve your spirit eternally. No one knows when this will happen. But according to the prophecies and most already fulfilled, it can be anytime. It can also be our next generation. But to me, I like to get ready early then wait till last min.
Check it out:
1. The ark during the worldwide flood is found. Evidences also confirm that there is really a worldwide flood.
2. Evidences found confirm the truth about Moses opening the red sea.
And many others: http://www.arkdiscovery.com/index.htm

If it happens before, it will leave a mark. There are a lot more found and confirming bible didn’t lie. Then and again bible also said even when all things in the bible are proven true, ppl’s heart can still be stubborn.
My frds what have you got to lose to check those truth out? But if because of my believe in God’s word you choose to distance away from me, I really got nothing to lose. I understand some Christians are very irritating. I know. That’s also part of the reason why I didn’t attend church for so long. In fact the church I am going still have such ppl. But didn’t Jesus come for the sick? Is it worth to give up eternal life for such ppl? I used to tell my relatives why I was chosen by God to be the 1st Christian in my family. It is because I am the naughtiest one. Is it God great? If He take only ppl who always in good book, I will be hopeless.

I know all religions teach ppl to do good. Can you guarantee your soul that you can be a saint by doing good? What if you do one wrong thing? Do you really think that maybe if you do one thousand good things then it will cover up the wrong thing or even wrong thoughts? If cannot then how? My frds its time we do something for our soul.

Christianity is not a religion which only shows you what is good. But to give you a complete relationship with the Good.

For me and my household, I choose the easy way. I was touched when I know I am loved. But with little knowledge of this God and His son, I choose to believe my creator loves me.
Now in my 3rd phrase of my Christian life, He opened my eyes to see so many true reports. History now comes alive to me. I used to sleep or talk during my History lessons. But now I can’t stop wanting to know more. Don’t take my words. If you really want to know the truth, God will surely give. I also never take my Pastor’s word lightly. I will check and make sure it is true then I accept it. I am fascinated by my Pastor. It just happens that numerous things he said, God already put it in my heart long ago. That’s why I accept that this Pastor shared the same feeling about our relationship with our Heavenly Father. Of cos, there are still a lot more for me to learn. Jewish culture and history is really so interesting. Nothing in the bible is idle. Every word spoke had its meaning. Even the language is so rich. Ppl can decode it; can break it to understand the root of it etc.

For my Christian frds:
There are some of the interesting things I learned. And how I know God better and closer.
Jesus died on the cross for me didn’t really hit me. Until I slowly unveiled the meaning and every torture he took for our behalf.
The thorns crown he wore had a meaning. How his clothes was gambled away had a meaning. How many stripes he took for us had a meaning. Why there were 2 thieves with him had a meaning. Why none of his bones are broken had a meaning. There is a meaning why he thirsts. There is a meaning why vinegar was given to him. Why did Jesus fold the linen burial cloth after His resurrection? Everything had a meaning. And all the meaning results to my wholeness. Nothing is wasted. Praise God. Only He can have such perfect planning. Now I can even see Jesus in OT. God spend 40days and 40night with Moses talking about His precious Son. Many of us when read bible wouldn’t find such revelation. We only tot Moses went up Mt Sinai to collect the 2 tablets (to cure our headache? Ha ha just joking). Anyway the Ark of Covenant is also found. Together with the blood of Jesus on the mercy seat!
How amazing! Praise the true living God!