Grace is really very difficult to comprehend.

In the Creator’s kingdom we only need to receive, it is free!!! This is something self righteous ppl can’t accept. Ppl can’t accept free gifts w/o thinking what to give back in return. They dun like the feeling as if they owe someone a favor. They need to do something to make themselves feels ‘better’. That’s why many cannot receive grace. Grace is undeserved favor. Grace is given to everyone but many refuse to accept w/o a price. They feel unjustified. They want to earn it and feels deserved it. Again what is it that we do we can claim proudly that it is our own effort? Life itself already beyond our control.

Maybe we are brought up learning that nothing is free. Even parents gifts come with a condition that we are either obedient or had scored an ideal results in our school.
Government ways of controlling us are also the same. If you go against the law they set then you will be punished. If you do what they want you to do, rewards will be given. Therefore the world we grow up with teaches us nothing is free. When we know God can reward us w/o reason, we cannot accept. That is our uncomfortable zone. But God always give free will. If we study hard enough into the heart of God, we will understand God’s way is different from the world. Now the problem is, can we accept the fact that God is different? Or are we trying to change God’s way of doing things to how the world does them? When we read bible, do we use our own experience from the world or by the help of Holy Spirit?

Many go against grace preacher, claiming that they forgo the law. Accusing them of only teaching the easy thing. But grace is not easy to teach. Same goes to the heart of God. Preacher always say God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Do you know what is the same? It is His love for His creations. When believers understand the heart of God, they understand the purpose of law and the gift of grace.

Father’s heart of God.
As parents if we see that our kids steal thing. It is easier to take a rod to beat him or easier to pay for the thing he stole? By beating, he remembers the pain and might not dare to try again. Also by beating he might become more rebellious, he can always learn to steal again w/o getting caught. This, itself is a risk. 1st result seems good. But he was ‘force’ not to do it. That is not a real change from his heart. One day when the parents are old and dun have strength to hit him, he can steal again.

Love melts all hearts. By giving him chance is giving him a chance to grow up himself. One day he will understand why he dun need to steal and not why he cannot steal. I am not encouraging kids to steal and parents just let them steal. I am also not against canning. I am just saying the perfect way is to teach and pray with the kid. Then let Holy Spirit works on it.

Do blessings have to come with persecutions?

Maybe many leaders find that letting their people choose grace mean letting them be out of their control and manipulation. Laws control people; Grace embraces people and let them feel the heart of God.

We watched too many manmade stories. We should read more God’s people story. God always take the bad situation and turn it to good for us. Esp those stories of God’s people living in grace which was before God gave His law.

To understand grace we must understand how much He love us. We are created to be loved by Him. That’s the only purpose.

Answers from Bible
Look at Adam and Eve.
Do they need to do anything to gain paradise? Did they deserve it? Did they need to worry what to eat? What to wear? Is Fellowship with their Creator their only responsibility?
Next take a look at Abraham. Did he repent when he lied about his wife? Did God punish him or bless Him? And did Abraham lie again? Did he repent? And did God punish him? Or did God bless him again? Was his life blessed before he sinned or during his sin or after his sin? Is that the same El Shaddai we worship today?
At what circumstances did God give the law? Did God give the law when His people are fully depending on Him or when His people claimed that they are righteous? What is God’s purpose when He gives law? So that we can be righteous by fulfilling them? Or to be like a mirror for us in order for us to understand Jesus completed work on the cross?
Did God planned for Jesus to die for our sins before the law or after? Whose laws are stricter? God or Jesus? Did Jesus fulfill all the law or some of it or more of it? Have Jesus forgiven us all our past, present and future sins or jus some of it? Did He forget to forgive some sins or did He say “It is finished”? Does Jesus need to die again for some sins He yet to forgive? Is our only responsibility to keep confessing our sins or to spread the gospel?

Grace is difficult to understand when Holy Spirit is not given the chance to enlighten our spirit. Grace is out of the world. Grace only works in God’s kingdom.

Can we give freely quietly? Even those who sacrifice their life for the poor, what results they are hoping for? Nothing? Didn’t they hope the hungry will be full? And who can help the hungry to be full? So those saints hope the rich will help the poor. Who can help to send the message across to the wealthy? Media or word of mouth? Will media help if these ppl never sacrifice their life for the poor? Will the media praise these ppl works in order to bring the message across? So did these ppl become popular or public hate them more?

“So is Robin Hood is not a thief — he is a champion fighting against evil. In our hearts we understand the story correctly, which is why we find Robin Hood to be such a noble character.”

Is Robin Hood a hero? So stealing from the rich is acceptable? Is that against the moral law? Or as long as they are helping others they can steal? Do heroes need to eat? So they steal for themselves also? Are they still heroes if they steal also for themselves?
Is it economic justice for someone else to decide how much is “enough” for me or for you? Is it right to take a portion away from one who is “rich” to give it to one who is “poor?” Didn’t some work harder than others; some more skilled than others; some better financial decisions than others; and some just simply being blessed?

Aren’t most wars started because people want to bring justice in their own hand? Can wars bring justice or cos more problems?

Did christians got saved by their own effort or by God’s grace? After receiving salvation by grace, the rest of God’s blessings have to be earned? God can give eternal life freely, can He also give health and wealthy freely? Which one is more difficult to give? Is it a sin to rest in God and be given all His blessings?

When we see God’s grace. God see our faith.

Quote From:
“Do you think it was fair for God to punish Jesus for another person (for that matter, every other person’s sins)? Why or why not?

The obvious answer to both is that it is not fair, but that is what grace is all about, isn’t it? It was not fair for Jesus, who had no sin, knew no sin (2 Cor 5:21) and did not sin, to be punished for our sin. In the same way, it is not fair for us, who deserved to be condemned to hell, to instead be considered sons and daughters of the Most High God. That is why in 1 Cor 1:23, Paul describes the gospel as scandalous to the Jew and moronic to the Greek because it goes against the human concept of fairness.

The parable of the workers in the vineyard is a great example of how God is unfair — unfairly good. The one who worked since the morning got 1 day’s wage, just like the guy who worked just 1 hour. He felt it was unfair but he got his full day’s wage and not anything less. He got what he deserved and represents the law. The one who started working only in the eleventh hour did not complain, because he got what he did not deserved. What amazing grace our God bestows upon us. Amen?”