Shalom Pastor Prince

As a believer we are suppose to encourage each other. We saw that sadness in your eyes during the talk. We feel sad with you. But your sadness was gone the moment you shared about Jesus. I don’t think we even need to encourage this well-loved Pastor. Still, we have to make our stand during such time. I believe the whole church feels with our pastor. I believe when our Pastor is being questioned by the world, so are we. Just like if anyone maligns Jesus, all of us will also kanna. If they stripped you, they stripped the whole church. Pastor Prince, you and your family are not alone. As a church we are together in everything. We are the body of Christ not bodies of Christ.

Don’t you think this is good? As an event planner, we always look out for free exposure. The national papers are giving free advertisement for the house of God. The world will wonder how come God’s people are so highly blessed that they can highly bless their Pastor. I believe God never allow bad things to happen to His people. You told us; when something bad happen, we can be sure God is working on bigger blessings.

I guess some are disappointed when we know you took so little salary. Do you know how much a CEO who leads a team of 20,000 people? I am sure his salary is far higher than yours. If you (our church head) are taking so little, then there is so little left by the time this blessing reaches the body.

You said blessings are received by the head then beard then body. We will be in deep trouble if our Pastor goes unpaid. Do you think God wants it that way? What will others think about God? Didn’t you always tell us that our Abba Daddy is very wealthy? Can you imagine if you force God to cut your blessings, you are also asking Him to cut the church blessings! No wonder your suggestion was never approve. You really shouldn’t be disappointed with them. In fact, you should be proud that they follow what you had taught them.

Just like you said; if our Pastor doesn’t have a big heart, how the Church have big heart?
When I was an insurance agent, I never allow my client to own a policy that is higher than my. That is my conviction. How can I tell my client the benefits when I never experience it myself? You too, if you never handle over abundance blessings, how can you tell us that God can give?

It is not how much God can bless you. It is what you do with the blessings. Eg. You can take those blessings which you think is extra, and set up a fund to help those church members who lost their jobs. We are blessed so that we can bless others. And by doing so, Jesus is glorified! This is what you taught us.

At times like this the more church need to prosper. It is God’s name at stake. Pastor asked to cut salary or go unpaid only show the world, God’s wealth is affected. In fact, we should increase our Pastor and leaders salary for the glory of God.

I truly understand what Jessica going through. Just like how people mock at my son when he happily shared Jesus’ love. He was so sad and so puzzled. But that is Christian’s life. The world will not understand without the help of the Holy Spirit.

Cheer up my Pastor. Ever since the 1st time I stepped into New Creation Church, I have been praying for you and your family! But forget about the leaders. Today, you remind us. I will start praying for our leaders too. 😛

Lastly, you said you are glad that we belong to you. So don’t even think that we will give you our blessing if you go American or anywhere else without us! Please remember that you belong to us too!